Looking for a healthy holiday to restore both mind and body… Ireland offers this and more…

Wellness in Ireland, no longer reserved for spa breaks but have expanded to include everything from walking and yoga to extreme fitness boot camps, hot springs, meditation, cycling, cooking classes and personal discovery.

Wellness encompasses many different areas and include mental wellness, nutrition, mindfulness, fitness, health and weight loss. Ireland offers, alternative treatments and therapies and new concepts cans be explored. Gastronomy has seen significant healthier options, organic cuisine, and farm-to-table concepts. Ireland now caters to a host of dietary needs, be they vegan, lactose free and gluten free.

With a strong and ancient spirituality and a rich tradition of pilgrims and reflection, Ireland gives a sense of peace, context and place which shapes personal identity. Environment influences who people are and the Celtic themes of connecting with self, others, community and the world.

For pilgrims, serious faith-travellers intent on learning about Ireland’s unique and diverse religious heritage, admire our world-famous monastic sites and high crosses, visit the shrine at Knock and gaze at the legendary Book of Kells. Travel to remote Mass rocks, wonder aloud at the ancient dignity of Glendalough, visit the home of sobriety campaigner Matt Talbot and trace the story of the Legion of Mary. “Explore the legacy of St Columbanus, who went from Ireland into Europe.”

Have time for prayer, reflection, the Irish culture and interaction with the local community, wellness, spirituality and reconnection.

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