Genealogy – Our Diaspora

Guided tours with specialist genealogists.

We are here to help with everything – we can suggest the best locations to see and attractions to visit along your ancestry way. Should you have Irish Ancestors just let us know and we will incorporate this into your Irish vacation.

Ireland is a small country with a huge diaspora. It is estimated that more than 70 million people across the globe claim some degree of Irish ancestry or affiliation. This diaspora is a unique reservoir of goodwill and support for Ireland. No other western European country can draw on such an extraordinary resource. The history of the global Irish is integral to the story of the Irish nation: “The voice of this small nation is hugely amplified by the many millions around the globe who are Irish by birth or by descent or by affiliation. Our diaspora is an important part of our story as a nation. They are part of who we are as a people, what we have done and where we have gone in this world.”

Ireland and New York are synonymous with each other the shared history, the ever-continuing exchange, the shaping of respective identities and the impact of each place on the other. Of the 34 million people in North America who claim Irish heritage, it is New York that the largest number of them call home.

In October, the I.NY festival in Limerick, explores and celebrates this deep and vibrant connection between Ireland and New York City. It invites an audience, from home and abroad, to share their own stories, hear those shared by others and experience the broader Ireland New York story through a diverse programme of cultural and heritage events coupled with genealogy.

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